REACH! is? -*a performing arts & education Organization.

*Philosophy - REACH! Greater academic achievement through performing arts.

​*Founded by Juilliard School Graduate & Carlisle PA native, Jason Reed.  

REACH garners the attention of aspiring students with a 'Pop Culture' approach, then fills the content with relevant life skills. Providing professional training & classes in dance, acting, singing, rapping, creative writing, studio production, professional/business development, performance opportunities & more. 

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  • Professional Artistic Training

  • Education

  • Tutoring/Mentoring

  • DANCE Classes

  • Live Performance

  • Marketing & Promotion

  • Community Service

  • Fundraising

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What is REACH!? - ReachUSA 501(c)3


VIDEO: (R! Mannequin Challenge)

VIDEO: (R! Founder Jason Reed speaks about Goals & Opportunity)


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Founder: Jason Reed

"A.bove T.he E.xpectations"