FUSION98 - REACH! 10th Anniversary Celebrition

Saturday September 26th @ Hotel Carlisle!

REACH! is a visual & performing arts and education organization. Our Philosophy is REACH! greater academic achievement through performing arts! The Discipline & skills you learn in your artistic training can be applied to academics, athletics, education, a healthy lifestyle & gaining valuable/relevant life skills!


"FUSION98" Performance Includes

*Live Performances from Guest Artists

*Original Music & Choreography

*REACH! 3rd Album Release


*Launch of REACH! Fashion Line

*Fashion Show

*Performances from All REACH! Chapters

*Filming for REACH! Feature length Documentary

*Fundraising for REACH!


REACH! 10th Anniversary!

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What REACH! Does

What is REACH?!



Artistic Training

Life Skills

Greater Academic Achievement through Performing Arts

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