Pennsylvania Council on the Arts

“Through artist residencies, the PCA's Arts in Education (AIE) Division enables artists to help others explore and develop their creativity and artistic skills in a variety of educational, community and institutional settings.”
Residencies are substantial periods of time in which an artist (or artists) works intensively with small groups of learners (“core groups”) on one or more long-term projects. During this time, learners exercise creative control over their work. The artist’s role in such work is that of mentor and facilitator, leading students through guided self-discovery, and of technical adviser on important artistic concepts and skills. Residencies are developed collaboratively between the artist and the host organization.  Planning is conducted well before the beginning of the residency, allowing ample time for necessary arrangements to be made by both the artist and residency host.

AIE PARTNERSHIP - “Our AIE Partnership enables the PCA to work with and through regional service organizations to provide a higher level of quality and quantity of arts in education services to the field. It is the Council’s intent to strengthen the efficiency and impact of the PCA’s arts in education program while empowering local leadership and action and leveraging additional resources. AIE Partners recruit, select, train, place, and evaluate professional-quality teaching artists for residencies in school and community settings. Partners provide professional development opportunities in arts in education for artists, community organizations and schools in the counties they serve. The partnership currently serves all 67 counties in Pennsylvania.”
PROJECTS: “Teacher and Artist Partnerships (TAP) and Long-Term Residencies (LTR) provide funding for projects that provide long-term, in-depth interaction between professional teaching artists, students, teachers and others through workshops and classes sponsored by schools, nonprofit organizations, units of government and other institutions. Each project is designed and developed by the teaching artist, the project director and sponsor organization.
TAPs differ significantly from LTRs because of the enhanced partnership between the teacher and the artist. In TAPs, teachers share in the instruction of the art form with the artist. Further, both artist and teacher engage in almost daily feedback on each session, assessing both the session and student progress. This partnership creates an integrated and transformational experience for the students, teachers and the artists. 
(Source: Pennsylvania Council on the Arts website )

Jump Street (Harrisburg, PA)

Our mission is to use the arts to develop educational and economic opportunities for all ages. 
Since 1999 Jump Street has provided over 120 arts based programs; directly serving over 20,000 people. The products created in our programs are distributed to over 1,000,000 citizens across Pennsylvania. Additionally, we have provided over 300 work contracts for artists and interns during this period. Jump Street has generated over $2,000,000 in work and vendor contracts in this period.
Jump Street is an Arts in Education Partner with Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.


Cultural Alliance of York County

“We are a Catalyst, fueling the creative energy and vibrancy of our community through Leadership, Collaboration, and Sustainability in order to enrich the quality of life of all of our citizens.”

“We envision a thriving York County where the arts are an integral component of economic growth and development, tourism, education and everyday life.”

About stARTSomethingAIE promotes learning in and through the arts in throughout Adams, Franklin, Fulton and York counties. Schools, community organizations and senior centers are invited to collaborate with highly trained teaching artists to custom-design learning experiences for their site. 
“stARTSomething is a regional partner with the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and the Cultural Alliance of York County.”
(Source: Cultural Alliance of York website

AIE and Long Term Residencies Jason Reed will conduct for the 2018/2019 school year through the Cultural Alliance of York County (with support from PA Council On The Arts): 
Fall (September through January)
School: Northern York County School District
Dillsburg, Northern, South Mountain and Wellsville Elementary Schools
Grade: 3rd
Spring (March through May)
School: Spring Grove Area School District (Spring Grove High School)
Focus: Different Techniques in Dancing (hip-hop, modern, jazz, ballet, Latin)
Grades: 9th through 12th
Focus: Arts in Education in the following classes/subjects, 10th Grade English classes, 10th Grade U.S. History, Business Class, Fitness Fusion, Drama, Choir & Chorus, Intro To Broadway, History of American Pop, Fashion, Art 1, Art 2, Art 3, Art 4, Advanced Video Journalism
AIE, Long Term and TAP Residencies Jason Reed has conducted through the Cultural Alliance of York and Jump Street (with support from PA Council On The Arts):
School: Shrewsbury
Grade: 5th
Focus: World War I and World War II
School: York Country Day School
Grades: 1st – 5th
Focus: Latin Culture
School: Marshall School
Grade: 7th
Focus: Ancient Greece, Rome and China
Schools: Upper Adams School District (Arendtsville, Bendersvile, and Biglerville)
Grades: 3rd and 4th
Focus: Latin and African Culture
School: Ben Franklin
Grade: 3rd
Focus: Social Studies (covering Africa, Asia, Europe and United States)

Artist In Residence