REACH! & FreshSet LLC SERVICES:providing multiple challenging opportunities for professional training and mentoring. 



REACH! Students will have the opportunity to Perform and showcase their handwork, skills and talent. REACH! has no "off season" and in addition to our class schedule REACH! performs almost every week of the year. In addition to producing our original show's which feature original choreography, original music, celebrity guests and more, REACH! is also invited regularly to perform at community events such as but not limited to: street fairs, festivals, concerts, corporate events, and more! REACH! always draws a large audience, which means more eyes are on our students than a typical child or teenager. In order to qualify for performance opportunities, students must meet academic and social requirements, including proper social media etiquette, treating parents, peers and teachers with the utmost respect.



REACH! provides high energy dance classes for students of all ages. Whether you want to become a professional dancer, burn a few calories or learn some cool new moves, REACH! provides training ad performance opportunities for aspiring students from all skills levels. REACH! Dance Classes are instructed by REACH! Founder and Juilliard School graduate Jason Reed or instructed by "Dance Captains" who have been trained under Jason's Professional curriculum. 


REACH! Classes: 

REACH classes take place almost everyday in various locations. Students who participate are accepting the responsibility of performing to the best of their ability in the class room, on stage and academically and required to treat their peers, parents, instructors and themselves with the utmost respect.


  • Provide proper artistic training

  • Build Self-Esteem

  • Improve physical fitness


REACH! Students are required to maintain a C+ Average (or higher) in order to participate in performance opportunities or special events. 

REACH! students are provided free Tutoring opportunities from Dickinson College Students or Qualified Volunteer Parents/Mentors within our community. Students are armed with the tools to succeed and held accountable to the highest standards.

*REACH! Class Schedule


REACH! Students will have the opportunity to create and produce original works. REACH! currently has 3 original albums, available on iTUNES and live performances which feature original music of all genres produced by REACH! Artistic Director: Jordan Michael Coulson and REACH! students themselves. The original works are create with Professional Music Producer Jason Shaffer at Full Tilt Productions.

Students will also have the opportunity to help produce original creative and documentary style videos and learn the art of video production, speaking on camera, basic editing techniques and more.

REACH! Carlisle Chapter

98 Deep (6th Grade and Above)
98 Below (K-5th Grade)

COST: $60 for 6 Weeks (12 classes)

LOCATION: First United Church of Christ -
30 North Pitt Street Carlisle PA

5th Grade and Above
98 Deep - 4:00pm - 5:00pm

K-5th Grade
98 Below - 5:00pm - 5:45pm

DNL (Advanced Group)

LOCATION: Gold's Gym (Carlisle)

1225 Ritner Hwy, Carlisle, PA 17013

7:00-9:30pm (Invitation Only)

REACH! Carlisle Chapter

98 Deep (6th Grade and Above)
98 Below (K-5th Grade)

LOCATION: First United Church of Christ -
30 N. Pitt Street Carlisle PA

98 Deep (6th Grade and Above)
4:00pm - 5:00pm

98 Below (K-5th Grade)
5:00pm - 5:45:pm

DNL (Advanced Group) 
LOCATION: First United Church of Christ - 30 N. Pitt Street Carlisle PA 17013

(Invitation Only)


  • Instill a sense of respect & accountability

  • Provide a positive & safe environment

  • Prepare students for performances