FreshSet, LLC provides affordable marketing, promotion and entertainment through its diversified and creative brands.

FreshSet, LLC founders, Jordan Coulson and Jason Reed have 30 plus years of combined professional experience that spans a broad spectrum of the entertainment industry. They used their knowledge and skills to create, fund and direct the youth (and young adult) program REACH!®

In order to help make REACH!®more self sustainable, Jordan and Jason started looking for additional
revenue sources. Through REACH!® they realized an untapped market where the REACH!® philosophy and
business practices could be applied to a broader audience with significant potential in the profit sector
thus, the founding of FreshSet, LLC .

FreshSet, LLC operates primarily as a virtual business and partners with other businesses throughout the mid-Atlantic region to provide the following marketing and entertainment venues.

*Internet TV Shows
*Live Shows
* Interactive/On-Location Events
* Sale of CDs & Merchandise
* Original Music
*DJ Services
*Dance & Choreography
* Script & Song Writing
*Talent Scout
* Consultation

As a Social Enterprise, we strive to create Social Economic Change ReachUSA® is funded in part through the profits of FreshSet, LLC as well as from corporate sponsorships,
grants, and private donations.

FreshSet, LLC