“The Neighborhood Project”

“The Neighborhood Project” is dedicated to creating healthier communities by encouraging more meaningful conversations.”

For more information visit www.thenantucketproject.com

“R! Neighborhood”  

R! Neighborhood is facilitated by The Keepers (of the Commons) a collaborating organization of The Neighborhood Project.
The Keepers of the Commons is creating a new way to stimulate neighborhoods by identifying and connecting often overlooked community leaders to well-established policy and ideas events. We are cultivating local talent to diversify the pipeline by thinking differently about the traditional leadership development paradigm. For more information, please visit  www.keepersofthecommons.org

R! Neighborhood is a (REACH!) program that aims to take the themes, messages, or inspiration from the neighborhood project and put it into practice in a meaningful way; whether it's through a personal effort and/or an organizational project.

“R! Neighborhood” Call To Action:
*Taking the conversations to the masses. Constructive and productive content that is relevant at addressing issues we all care about through the R!eal Talk Podcast, REACH! On-Line Show, in our live events, classrooms discussions, presentations and assemblies. 
*Creating skits, short plays, original music, dance routines, and artistic works (such as collages, paintings, drawings, murals) that will help provide another platform for development and can be shared with others to help them work through challenges and/or find encouragement through artistic works. 
*Collaborating with other organizations that focus on bringing people together to appreciate our differences and celebrate what unifies us. 
*Putting on an Annual “Neighborhood” Block Party that will bring all the neighborhood project chapters together and to kick off the new season and initiatives the neighborhood project ignited after The Nantucket Project event in September. 
*Providing an over all Safe Space/Safe Place for people to gather and create a network to share, support, and connect.

REACH! *Empowering Students *Supporting Businesses *Connecting Communities